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 Online MBA Program

Located in the Midwest, UW-Whitewater’s program is the largest AACSB-accredited MBA in the state of Wisconsin with over 600 students. The online MBA is ranked #25 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.
The 36 credit MBA program includes courses for your chosen emphasis. You will complete 24 core credits, a 9 credit emphasis, and 3 credit elective.
University of Wisconsin of Whitewater
"Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University" has many international partnerships with the most prestigious and best ranked university in the USA educational system. It has developed an Online MBA program as a need for both Romanian and American higher education in times of constraint due to the new Coronavirus.
We are proud to launch the online MBA program 100% USA professors and classes.
The MBA, taught by UW-Whitewater, develops aspiring professionals who are capable of thinking globally, behaving ethically and leading innovation. You will have opportunities to practice using critical thinking skills as you make strategic decisions in cases and projects. You will learn negotiation, effective communication, and improve your ability to work in teams. Leadership yourself!
Founded in 1868, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is known for academic excellence in a setting of high-quality, career-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs.
The enrollment at UWW has grown to about 12,000 students per year. The online MBA is clearly a brand which gains trust and popularity among business and entrepreneurs as well.
UW-Whitewater has earned a national reputation for innovative programs and facilities, with a number of academic programs ranked among the best in the nation. The Princeton Review has named the College of Business and Economics one of the “Best Business Schools.” The Online MBA program is the largest accredited program in Wisconsin and is considered one of the top-25 best buys for distance learning MBA degrees by Many of the College’s 28 student professional organizations are ranked among the top in the nation, including the American Marketing Association and the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization.
Target, conditions and certificate
The online MBA prepares students for marketing and strategic leadership positions in their organizations. The participants are bachelor in Economics and Business and addresses to other domains as well. The program is for your entrepreneurship spirit and for growing your business, to get to a top management position.
The requirements for enrollment ask for a bachelor degree and an English certificate.
Everything starting with the online platform, courses, interactive conversations are in English.
You will have the option of studying for one semester in the USA, so if you wish to have an American educational experience, here is the opportunity. It’s up to you and your goals!
The certificate of graduation/transcripts will be written as:
Master of Business Administration’ (as the degree conferred)
Program: Business & Econ - Grad
Plan: Business Administration - MBA Major
Subplan: Marketing Emphasis
All the participants will have full access to the Canvas platform offered by the UWW using ID and password. Master students will access Webinars uploaded by professors, the debates and the entire program will be in English, online and asynchronous, very interactive with each professor on the forum of the class.  
Students who have not completed foundational business coursework during their Bachelor’s degree program are required to complete prerequisites called the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) courses. CBK are in addition to the 36 MBA credits and are foundational courses in:
The emphasis is your area of specialization. MBA emphasis choices are: Accounting, Business, Statistics, Information Systems, Finance, Operations, Marketing.
Please note, together, with a UWW advisor you will receive your schedule customized on your level of education, your job and your priorities in your personal life. Now, you can feel the difference!
The program starts at 1st October 2020. The Online MBA program takes 2 years, but if you are competitive, you can graduate earlier. It depends on the schedule customized especially for you and how ambitious you are.
Fee tuition
The fee is $637.44/credit for a 36 MBA credits, round about $22,947.
If you have a bachelor degree in Business, you get a substantial discount, so each master student will pay more or less and will receive a genuine degree signed UW-Whitewater, USA.
*No Fee: If you work in a company from the USA, contact your employer to see if they offer a tuition reimbursement program. All costs will be supported within the reimbursement program.
Registration Form
The registration starts on 1st September until 30 September. The registration will be validated by the Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University.For Registration, please download the file from HERE, complete it and send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Brand-new post graduation courses at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
You can easily choose the course if you have an English certificate and a bachelor degree.
Course of Cybersecurity – Target - Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any area is welcome to apply. The 100% online Cybersecurity graduate certificate program at UW-Whitewater offers studies in core areas of cybersecurity that include: cryptography, system security, network security, risk management, and emerging areas in security and privacy. 
Course of Business Data Analytics - Target – Minimum knowledge in programming, discrete mathematics and computer organization or their equivalents before starting the certificate program. Professionals will expand their education and gain knowledge, experience, and a solid foundation in data mining and analytics, skills that will fuel career growth and increase your value in an organization.
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