President’s of the Senate Word


PhD Professor Corina Adriana DUMITRESCU – President of the Senate

As a professor in Law Sciences, I had the vision a dream founded on a competitive reality, where the wish for information has become a need for the society's members ever since primary school, which makes education systems adapt fast in order to ensure the new information requirements as well as the quality required for the present stage in the society evolution.

The education issues have never been so easy to solve and, in the digital era, where everything develops fast, the education systems must take these particularities into account. The modern means of access to information systems ensure the global support for documentation and knowledge enrichment regardless of the activity field.  

In the society’s present stage of development, marked by transition to the digital era, it is highly important to ensure the quality requirements for higher education, and in this context the management skills can positively influence the quality of public or private higher education or  could have a negative influence leading to compromise the good functioning of the education institution. 

Our university has become competitive due to our ability to adapt to all needs of the socio-economic industry as well as to the education and consultancy markets.

 We ensure you of all the endorsment you need in everything which regards you and your career!